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I’m so sorry I’ve neglected you and my web site for so long!

Hullo everyone, I’m so sorry I’ve neglected you and my web site for so long. This was partly due to technical hitches, and also because I moved house.

I’ve got so much news I hardly know where to begin.

A new granddaughter Sienna Marie born back in December 2012.  A sister for Harley who is now 5, and a joy to us all.

My older grandson Brandon is 17 now and is at college. As handsome and know-it-all as ever.

My middle daughter Sammy got engaged to Christian and plans to get married in October 2016.

Then the move! I have had a holiday flat in Devon for some time, and I found I wanted to be there far more than I did my cottage near Bath. The cottage was beautiful and I’d spent 12 years making the garden gorgeous, but I had this urge to live permanently by the sea.

I went to see this house down the steepest hill you can imagine, then the drive up to the house, which is virtually perched on a cliff,  was equally steep, winding and narrow. Maybe I should have turned back then and found a place more suitable for a 70 year old! But no, I carried on and despite all kinds of serious problems in the house, the magnificent sea view seduced me into agreeing to buy the place.

It was October 2014 when the house became mine, but it took 8 months to get all the work done on the house and garden before I could move in.

The garden still needs a bit of tweaking, I have to learn more about what plants like the sea side. But I’m very happy here and so is Stan my King Charles Cavalier as there’s so many lovely walks.  He’ll be four this Christmas, and an absolute joy.

I hope to add pictures of the children, Stan and my garden soon.

Love to you all